What is Hip-Hop? The Origins of Hip-Hop Culture | Drop the Mic

Hey guys. For those that have been with the channel for a long time, I’m sure this video looks familiar. I decided to re-upload it because I honestly think that this (next to the Black Lives Matter video and the Trump video) is one if the most important videos that I ever produced.

You all know how much I love Hip-Hop and how much I love to talk. So I decided to post this video up to tell you guys about the true origins of Hip-Hop just so you all can learn something today and get something real from my channel. It’s not just about big booty bitches, money, drugs, and clothes. There is a very beautiful and artistic side of Hip-Hop culture that many people either neglect or do not know about. Today, I want to revitalize that side.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video because I want to make more like this. Making you all laugh and have a good time is always my top priority, but I also want to keep you guys woke.

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